Kolejna recenzja (na 5 gwiazdek) Elex MK4 tym razem od “What Hi-Fi?”

„Rega has been dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age. The once staunchly all-analogue UK hi-fi brand has slowly but surely been introducing – gasp! – a DAC into its stereo amplifiers. It happened with the Elicit Mk5 amplifier (five stars, £2000 / $3345 / AU$4299) and it’s now the turn of the mid-tier Elex model to get the digital upgrade.

But the inclusion of a DAC (and a headphone port) aren’t the only things that make this Rega special. This integrated amplifier is the successor to our multiple-Award winning Rega Elex-R, one of our favourite amplifiers of the last decade. That was a terrific amplifier that was very much due an upgrade, and the new Rega Elex Mk4 has plenty to prove in a highly competitive market. ”

“What Hi-Fi?” | 02.2023